Emilie Goldberger: First essay soon!

Emilie Goldberger: First essay soon!

Deckblatt © Königshausen & Neumann
Deckblatt © Königshausen & Neumann

The first academic essay on Emilie Goldberger – edited by Prof. Dr. Sabine Meine and Dr. Kai Müller – will soon be published in German by Königshausen & Neumann on April 1. The publisher’s preview (p. 58) reports:

“Among the modernizations and upheavals that characterized Europe’s modernity before the Second World War, the women’s movement also changed cultural and musical life. Women artists began to confidently raise their voices against social inequalities between the sexes. The subtle writer Virginia Woolf also noted a decisive change in mentality in the years around 1910.
In this sense, the early 20th century also opened up new options for acting as an artist, as is shown here in case studies between Prague, Cologne and Paris. Nevertheless, leading institutions and discourses continued to be dominated by men. Music metropolises such as Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Paris and Cologne offered women diverse terrains in which to act artistically.
In addition to traditional concert halls and opera houses as well as the salons of the upper classes, variety shows, cabarets and operetta houses functioned as new stages for musical entertainment. With this in mind, experts from the fields of musicology and cultural studies present female artists in their urban spaces and European metropolises as places of art for women.”

I am delighted to be represented as an expert in this publication and would like to thank Prof. Dr. Sabine Meine and Dr. Kai Müller for inviting me to write for them.

In this book you will find further highly interesting contributions by Angelika Silberbauer on Ethel Smyth’s opera The Boatwain’s Mate, by Anna Ricke on Smaragda Eger-Berg’s artistic emancipation (Eger-Berg was also active in Vilma von Webenau‘s circle), on the composer Julie Reisserová by Jean-Paul Montagnier, on new sources on the pianist Elly Ney by Beate Kraus, on Alma Mahler-Werfel’s salon by Susanne Rode-Breymann, a contribution on correspondence between Italian women artists and Manuel de Falla by Alvaro Flores Coleto, on the composer Rosy Geiger-Kullmann in Frankfurt/Main by Jeruscha Strelow, on Maria Herz and her colleagues by Yuval Dvoran, on women composers’ careers in Leipzig and Copenhagen in the 19th century by Yvonne Wasserloos. The book also includes an essay on the history of the women’s movement in Germany by Kerstin Wolff and an essay by Volker Hagedorn on female musicians “in flames” as a European musical narrative 1900–1918.

A wonderful array of new knowledge! You can now pre-order this book (mostly in German) directly from the publisher’s website for € 38.00.


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